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When is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah in 2024?

e visa for hajj umrah When is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah in 2024?

The best time for Umrah is November, December, January, and February.

During these times, the weather will be cool and not too hot.

If someone prefers to go when it is less crowded, it is recommended to go after Hajj.

After Hajj, there won’t be much crowd.

For Umrah, the main thing we need to perform is to wear a two-piece unstitched cloth; there are no stitches in the cloth. It is called Ihram.

We must put on the Ihram before crossing the Miqat, a designated point.

If someone is flying straight to Jeddah, the airline will announce that the Miqat is approaching, and you can prepare.

It is advisable to wear the Ihram from home or from the departure airport.

In the airport, we have prayer halls and washrooms, so it is better to change into the Ihram there.

In flight, you can also change the Ihram, but if many people are changing due to limited space, it will be difficult.

After wearing the Ihram, we must be very careful because it has its restrictions.

We need to be very careful; after making niyyah (intention), we shouldn’t use perfume, cut our nails, harm any plants or animals, or cut plants in Mecca.

If any of these restrictions are violated, there will be consequences based on the restriction faced.

We need to check with Ulama; they will suggest what to do. If the sin is small, it may require sadaqah.

The Ulama will tell how much sadaqah is needed.

If a big mistake is made, then a sacrifice is required; we need to perform Kurbani. We should take advice from our scholars; they will update us on what to do.

It’s best to avoid all consequences; it’s best to head directly to Mecca after landing.

In Mecca, complete your Umrah and remove the Ihram; the restrictions will not be there.

After wearing the Ihram and coming to Mecca, try to perform Umrah and remove the Ihram so that there won’t be any issues.

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