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Discover 4 Budget-Friendly Bucket List Adventures for 2023

Discover 4 Budget-Friendly Bucket List Adventures for 2023

We’ve finally weathered the COVID storm, and you may be eager to get out there, see the world and make up for the lost time. With a majority of countries now open restriction-free, there are many options – perhaps too many – to consider, and we know how hard choices can be, especially now that the soaring cost of international travel must be taken into account.

1) Morocco

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Morocco is one of the trendiest destinations for Americans in North Africa due to its fascinating history, geographically diverse environment, ranging from golden sand dunes to Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, and millennial traditions.

2) Colombia

1200px cao cristales los ochos 01 it3atj Discover 4 Budget-Friendly Bucket List Adventures for 2023

Colombia is the cheapest vacation spot for Americans in the Global South and arguably the country with the most breath-taking scenery. Nestled in the heart of the Antioquia department, a short two-hour drive from the paisa capital of Medellin, lies Guatape, a recreational zone of outstanding natural beauty.

3) Vietnam

images 6 r4sdqh Discover 4 Budget-Friendly Bucket List Adventures for 2023

After the last stressful couple of years, a ‘do-nothing’ vacation should be on your bucket list for 2023, and Phu Quoc, and the wider Vietnam, is well-supplied with wellness centers and beautiful coastal sights – without requiring the crippling outpour of money these overpriced Caribbean resorts do.

4) Turkey

Places To Visit In Turkey 7th jun s0vp8j Discover 4 Budget-Friendly Bucket List Adventures for 2023

Istanbul is indisputably the world’s most thrilling city break. From buying gold at cheaper rates at the Grand Bazaar to marveling at the imperial grandeur of Dolmabahçe Palace, it boasts a plethora of ancient landmarks and one-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find easily elsewhere. Crossing from Europe to Asia has to be our favorite, though

Here’s Why Malaysia Is So Popular For Tourists

Here’s Why Malaysia Is So Popular For Tourists

  • Unparalleled city breaks
  • Colonial architecture
  • Gorgeous nature
  • Pristine beaches

Malaysia’s main point of entry is Kuala Lumpur, a capital city home to 1.8 million people whose skyline is dominated by the iconic steel-clad Petronas twin towers. Exploring the chaotic cluster of skyscrapers and British-era monuments, tourists will be met with a lively nightlife, futuristic mosques, and Instagram-worthy street art.

George Town may be Malaysia’s second-largest hub, but it is arguably its best tourist offer: the UNESCO-listed historical core is embellished with colorful facades and colonial-style buildings reminiscent of the imperial years, and local restaurants are famous for their varied selection of traditional Malay dishes.

Outside the hustle and bustle of the city centers, visitors will find the tranquil Gunung Mulu National Park, a jaw-dropping rain-forested landscape speckled with karsts and comprising the world’s largest cave passage – the Sarawak Chamber – at 115 meters high and 600 meters long.

Looking for some sun and sand instead? Malaysia has beautiful beaches lining its 2,905 miles of coastline, rivaling those of neighboring Thailand and Vietnam: Kuantan is one of many swimming spots with turquoise waters within driving distance of Kuala Lumpur, home to a turtle sanctuary and a quaint craft village where local produce is sold.

Malaysia Is Both Affordable And Safe

Additionally, it is incredibly affordable for most Westerners to visit, especially those traveling in the long-term, despite being considerably more developed than other SEA nations: digital nomads hailing from the States should expect to pay, on average, 78.3% less on rent living in Malaysia, while saving up to 50.5% more on daily expenses.

Lastly, Malaysia is considered a low-risk destination compared to others in SEA, having been awarded a ‘blue badge’/Level 1 classification by the U.S. Department of State. In other words, American travelers do not face any heightened safety threats traveling in the region, and they are merely advised to exercise ‘normal precautions’.

The Top Spring Break Destinations

These Are The Top Spring Break Destinations

Travelers are searching over 25% times more Puerto Vallarta this year. This beautiful Mexican city has recently set an all-time record for most visitors. But why? Because this destination has all travelers want for the perfect vacation: beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich culture, and great nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta The Top Spring Break Destinations

Flight searches for have increased by 30%. The Dominican Republic offers amazing beaches, great resorts, and entertainment for tourists, and it is becoming one of Americans’ favorite destinations for 2023.

Punta Cana






Rome, Italy’s capital is on many travelers’ minds. Searches to this destination have increased by 20%. This country’s romantic and historical corners attract over 10 million tourists every year.Rome, Italy

Despite being considered an overrated destination for 2023, Paris is always on every traveler’s bucket list. This destination was searched 50% more for travel this year. Perhaps Emily in Paris has an influence on this.



Spring break vacations to see the cherry blossoms of Tokyo? Yes, please! According to Expedia, American travelers searched this city 55% more compared to the previous year.blossoms of Tokyo


Surprisingly, Alaska has been gaining a lot of popularity in 2023. According to Expedia, travelers are interested in cruises to Alaska during spring break—25% more searches than the previous year.Alaska The Top Spring Break Destinations

Dubai Tourists & Residents Must Download These 7 Free Apps for a Seamless Experience

Dubai Tourists & Residents Must Download These 7 Free Apps for a Seamless Experience

Dubai was ranked the most popular destination in the world, according to the 2023 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. The city offers a winning combination of safety, thrilling outdoor adventures, and tourist-friendly experiences that attract visitors from around the world.

Whether you are a tourist, we have compiled a list of seven free smartphone applications that you must download.

1. UAE Pass

Before you download any other app, the first one you should register for is the UAE Pass, which is the national digital identity for citizens, residents and visitors in the UAE.

UAE residents can register on the app using their Emirates ID number and mobile number. But even if you are a tourist, you can easily register on the app in a few minutes by scanning your country’s National ID, if you are a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizen or resident, or by entering your passport details, if you are from outside the GCC.

2. S’hail

This app is a must-have if you are using public transportation in Dubai, as it helps commuters plan their journey using the Metro, Tram, taxi, bus or any of the marine transport options in the emirate.

The app is free to download, and is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

3. nol Pay

Public transport users in Dubai need to pay for their trip using a ‘nol card’, which you can buy at any Metro station in Dubai. However, if you want to add credit to your card, you do not need to pay by cash at a public transport counter.

4. Careem

Careem is another app that you can use to book taxis, which gives you a much wider range of options. Not only has the app tied up with RTA, allowing users to book RTA-licensed taxis, you can also book private taxis that may be available in your area, with the option of choosing luxury taxis, too.

5. Dubai Police

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world for residents and tourists, with Dubai Police even setting up a special unit called ‘Tourism Police’, which is tasked with handling issues and requests related to tourists.

If you are a tourist, you can contact the special wing of the Dubai Police Department through the Dubai Police app. They allow you to provide comments and suggestions, make inquiries or ask for help.

6. Visit Dubai

The ‘Visit Dubai’ app, developed by Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), will allow you to create your itinerary and personalize your experience using smart filters, and even make bookings for Dubai’s top attractions and restaurants. This can be used by visitors to plan their trips as well as by residents, to make the most of a long weekend.

7. Dubai Calendar

The calendar of events in Dubai is always jam-packed, with concerts, exhibitions, family-friendly shows or sports tournaments. Through the ‘Dubai Calendar’ app, which has also been developed by DET, you can always find something exciting and new every day in Dubai and plan ahead.

Discover the Most Charming Small Towns in Europe

Discover the Most Charming Small Towns in Europe

Plan Your Next European Adventure in the Continent’s Iconic Capitals: Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, and more !”

graz austriaGraz, Austria

Vienna and Salzburg may receive the most visitors, but Graz is worth a trip! The mix of Art Deco, Medieval, and Baroque influence on the architecture makes for beautiful sites as you wander the city. Its storied history is also worth exploring, having changed hands multiple times over the centuries. If you want to see the famous Lipizzaner horses, the Piber Federal Stud is just a short train ride away.


Ghent, BelgiumGhent, Belgium

Bruges receives all the love as a day trip from Brussels, but I’m here to tell you not to skip out on Ghent. This Gothic student village is full of friendly Belgians, who will be delighted you’re visiting their city. Cruise the canal, take a walking tour, or just indulge in beer, chocolate, and fries!


Domburg, NetherlandsDomburg, Netherlands

Last spring, I had the pleasure of spending a week in Domburg, in the south of the Netherlands. One of three towns (the other two being Westkapelle and Zoutelande) comprises the “Zeeland Riviera” — the province that makes up the stretch of beach. Domburg is by far the cutest, with the best restaurants, and just steps from the beach.


Saranda, AlbaniaSaranda, Albania

The unofficial capital of the “Albanian Riviera” is located five hours from the capital city, Tirana but feels a world away. Electric blue waters, budget-friendly accommodation, world-class seafood, and some of the friendliest people in the Balkans await you!


Verona, Italy Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet’s hometown is an absolute dream. Smaller and less crowded than nearby Venice, you’ll be able to sample local cuisine among ancient Roman ruins and sample local wine. If you have time, take a trip to nearby Lake Garda — a nice alternative to Lake Como.


Nafplio, Greece Nafplio, Greece

Greece’s best-kept secret isn’t an island but an adorable former Venetian village on the mainland! Nafplio is located on the Peloponnese Peninsula, an area southwest of Athens and popular with European tourists. Relax on one of the many beaches, hike up to the ancient castle for amazing views, or enjoy a lively night in the town square.