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US Visa from Dubai | US visit visa

US Tourist Visa From Dubai UAE

US Tourist Visa From Dubai for UAE Residents

Dubai’s #1 US Visa Provider To People
& To Travel Agencies in Dubai

If you are planning to travel to USA or looking for US visa appointment, please contact Regal Travel Agency and get your US visit visa from Dubai, UAE. Regal can also help UAE residents to get the guaranteed and fastest visa appointment.

The qualified visa experts & consultants at Regal Tours with extensive knowledge of visas and regulations will help you with your complete US visa application process. We can ensure that your USA visa documentation is done safely and perfectly.

We are specialized in processing US visas for over 10 years, we can help you to process your B1/ B2 category visas which can be used for Tourism, Medical and Business purposes.

Dubai’s #1 US Visa Provider To People & To Travel Agencies in Dubai

What documents are required to get US visit visa from Dubai UAE?

  • When you apply for your US visa through Regal Dubai Travel Agency, you can be assured that your visa application is handled by the best Dubai’s Government recognized visa experts.

  • Most people in Dubai prefer Regal Travel Agency for their US visa application process as we have dedicated US visa consultants who have 10+ years of experience in perfect documentation work and expert knowledge to make your USA visa process easier than other travel agencies.

  • Please let us know about your travel plan to USA. Our visa consultants will also help you to get the best air tickets and hotel reservations in USA.

  • If you are a UAE resident looking to renew your existing US visa, we can provide smooth USA visa renewal services without requiring in-person submissions. Drop box system ensures your application is delivered directly to the relevant US mission for timely processing.

  • Additionally, citizens of countries like the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and others who wish to travel to the USA can take advantage of pre-approved, multi-entry US travel authorizations valid for 2 or more years.

If you are looking for USA visa appointments, regardless of which country you belong to, or even if you don’t have valid visa of any other country, we can help you with earlier appointments within 6–8 months, which is AED 2000 extra, and this amount you can pay after the appointment confirmation. With all the new applications as well as those who have already applied for USA visas, we can help them as well.

Please contact us, and we will guide you with the step by step process to get your earliest USA visa appointment.

You don’t have to be necessarily a GCC resident, or you don’t have the residence visa of any country, it’s not mandatory. So without these kinds of documentation or mandatory residence visa req