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These 2 popular Asian destinations require Americans to get a visa

turkey1. Turkey

Straddling the European and Asian continents, Turkey is famous for its monumental sights – insert here Hagia Sophia, Hadrian’s Gate in Antalya, and the Celsus Library in Ephesus – and vibrant multicultural scene. Unfortunately, Turkey does not yet allow U.S. tourists to enter visa-free, though the process of applying has been simplified in recent years. Biometric passport holders can be issued a multi-entry e-Visa for a period of up to 90 days. Applying online, they will be expected to submit their personal information and pay the relevant fee (as of January 2023, it’s estimated at USD $60). Alternatively, they can apply for a regular tourist visa at a Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the U.S. before their trip.

indonesia2. Indonesia

Whether it’s energetic cities that never sleep, off-grid nature retreats, magnificent pagodas, or paradisaical islands you’re after, Indonesia has something of value to you. On the downside, it has yet to fully reopen for tourism, allowing testing-free entry only to the vaccinated, and its visa requirements are stricter for American nationals. In order to be granted entry into Indonesia, U.S. arrivals will need a visa affixed to an empty passport page. These can either be obtained in the weeks or months preceding their trip at an Indonesian Consulate or upon arrival to the country. We will focus on the latter, which is the easiest route out of the two – and the one most used by tourists:

Essentially, Americans must have at least six months of validity left on their travel document upon arrival, a return or outbound ticket, and a minimum of two pages on their passport without any stamps in order to be eligible for a VOA. At the visa application center, located within the airport, they are subject to an ‘arrival fee’ of 500,000 IDR, or USD $33.08.

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