regal tours registered with dubai immigration
regal tours approved by dubai government
regal tours iso 9001 certified company

regal-phone& Regal whatsapp     : +971-50-8474-794

Office       : +971-4-2635-888

Toll Free  : 800 123 321 (UAE)

regal-email             :

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regal tours approved by dubai government
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Warning !

united arab emirates Warning!25,300 is the average number of complaints registered at Dubai Tourism office in a year, as per the reports published by Dubai Govt Tourism Authorities.

dissatisfaction Warning!The number of complaints which are not reported are more than double of this. Everyone does not take the hurdles to file complaints to Govt, and try to forget the money they have lost.

scam 1 Warning!Most of these complaints are from people who got scammed by those who present themselves as travel / tourism companies in Dubai.

alert Warning!Dubai Govt has issued warnings & advises to public in Dubai and from other countries who wish to obtain a service from any Dubai based companies – to deal with only Govt approved, authorized reliable travel agencies who have credibility in Dubai market.

saving Warning!Most of the people who lost their money & time have fallen in the trap of seeing ‘ offers ‘ & end up paying without having proper investigation about the company, and finally losing money and time.

online survey Warning!In line with Dubai Govt’s guidelines, Regal Tours also advise the public to do your own research online or through your contacts in Dubai or directly by yourself, just to ensure that you are dealing with the right company and with the right people.

spend time Warning!Spending some time online doing a quick study on the agency or company should be able to help you to some extend, to help save your money & valuable time.

error Warning!Incidents have been reported where people have received fake visas, hotel bookings etc & it was only at the airport or at the check in time, they realize that they were tricked by fraudsters.
Untitled design 4 Warning!Almost on all days, Regal Tours gets calls from people requesting for urgent emergency express visas those who have got stuck at different airports, who received visas from some so called agents or agencies.
documents Warning!Every document received from companies those who are not well known and popular in Dubai, must be properly verified even before leaving your home for your international travel, so that you can avoid unexpected unnecessary unfortunate situations.
guide Warning!In light of the reports & guidelines published by Dubai govt, it is the responsibility of Regal Tours to keep the public aware of such incidents keeping on repeated over and over.

payment method Warning!Consider it as your responsibility to make sure that you deal with and you pay to only those agencies who are acknowledged by Dubai Govt.

Untitled design 5 Warning!Before paying to any company in Dubai, if you are not able to visit their office in Dubai physically, spend some time to make sure for yourself that you are not paying to a scammer or an unprofessional company.

caution Warning!This careful action from your side will help you to have a safe, pleasant peaceful journey which should leave you with your good travel memories, and not horrible experiences as many have had.

one hundred Warning!There are only a very few travel agencies in Dubai which have never had a single complaint raised against them, and who can confidently say that they have 100% clean and clear records with all govt departments, Regal Tours is among the top of such few travel agencies in Dubai.

registered Warning!Each of the ultra professional team at Regal Tours are registered with Dubai govt and identified as qualified travel consultants who are experts in taking care of its clients’ visas & travel arrangements.
stamp Warning!Since Regal Tours work closely with Dubai immigration department, the travel specialists at Regal Tours has access to immigration visa systems, which helps in getting your visas approved faster than normal.
minus sign Warning!Also, it is to be taken into consideration that those agencies with less experience will always have a lesser chance of visa approvals, if processed through them, and also visa approvals can get delayed for weeks and weeks.
ethics Warning!Since visa application is a process which requires careful processing, typing of application, processing, only those with proven track history can be considered as a safer choice, if you do not want to risk of approval or delays. Many visa applications get rejected or stuck or delayed, because the unexperienced staff who process the visa does not have the right knowledge of how to process a visa carefully so that an approval can be obtained without any issues.
reject Warning!Due to any reason if an application gets rejected, then as per system, it keeps on getting rejected, and lot of efforts is required to get it back approved, and some times even incur in additional and extra payments.
shield Warning!So please make sure you are dealing with reputed, reliable, acknowledged companies only so that you will have pleasant travel experiences.

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