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Get 90 Days Visit Visa Dubai Online

No Deposit No Cheques Needed

Apply 90 days visit visa for Dubai. First of all, while applying for an online Dubai visa, it is very important, it must be applied only through a trusted reliable Govt. approved travel agency in Dubai. Since lots of people have lost their money, make sure you are dealing with the right company which is licensed and authorized by Govt.

90 Days Visit Visa Dubai / Apply For Dubai Visit Visa 90 Days

Apply for 90 days UAE Visa, for those who wish to have an extended stay in Dubai or UAE, 90 days visit visa is the best option. Whether the purpose of your visit is sightseeing, job searching, or to simply meet up with your friends and family in the country. Regal Tours will help you to obtain a 90 days UAE tourist/ business or visit visa, without any hassles. As one of the most trusted travel agencies in the country, we specialize in providing authentic services to our customers in a cost-effective manner. Find the prices to obtain a 90 Days Visit Visa Dubai / 90 Days Tourist Visa Fees below: Normally in 2 days you will get your 90 days visit visa for Dubai or 3 months UAE visit visa. 90 Days Dubai online evisa including the mandatory Covid covered medical insurance is AED 1100. For some nationalities, the 90 days visit visa dubai price can vary. Please check with Regal Tours by whatsapp or by phone or by email to ensure which price applies for you. 90 days Dubai Visa

90 Days Visit Visa Fees Dubai

Normally in 2 days you will get your 90 days visit visa Dubai or 3 months UAE visit visa. 90 Days Dubai online evisa including the mandatory Covid covered medical insurance is AED 1100. For some nationalities, the 90 days visit visa dubai price can vary. Please check with Regal Tours by whatsapp or by phone or by email to ensure which price applies for you.

90 Days Visit Visa Dubai Cost for Nationalities

Nationality Visa Charges
Indian Pakistani Nepali Sri Lankan Filipino AED 1100
Other Nationalities AED 1200

Special Application Prices:

Visa Type Nationality Fees
30 Days Visa Yemen AED 1000
90 Days Visa Yemen AED 2000
30 Days Visa Syrian AED 1500
90 Days Visa Syrian AED 2000
30 Days Visa Palestine Iraqi AED 1000
90 Days Visa Palestine Iraqi AED 2000
3 Months Visa Afghani AED 1700
1 Months Visa Bangladeshi Men *AED 850 + AED 400 Fully Refundable Deposit
Women/Children AED 900
90 Days Visa Bangladeshi Men *AED 1200 + AED 400 Fully Refundable Deposit
Women/Children AED 1300
30 Days Visa Nigerian AED 1500 + AED 1000 Fully Refundable Deposit
90 Days Visa Nigerian AED 2500 + AED 1000 Fully Refundable Deposit
30 Days Visa Change Nigerian AED 1800 + AED 1000 Fully Refundable Deposit </td
90 Days Visa Change Nigerian 1900 AED (No Deposit)
30 Days Visa Libyan AED 1500
90 Days Visa Libyan AED 2500
30 Days Visa Tunisian AED 600
90 Days Visa Tunisian AED 1200
30 Days Visa Ethiopian AED 600
90 Days Visa Ethiopian AED 1200

Visa Documents for applying 90 days UAE Visa

Passport Size Photograph Passport Copy. If you don’t have separate photo, we will copy the photo from the passport copy.

How to Apply 90 Days Visit Visa from Dubai

  1. Send a copy of the applicant’s passport by email to [email protected]. You can also send by WhatsApp the necessary documents to +971 50 8474 794.
  2. Pay the required service fee
  3. When we get the documents, we will contact you soon with the online & offline payment methods.
  4. Get the visa in your email or whatsapp in two working days
  5. Check-out our mode of payments in your email or whatsapp in two working days

90 Days Multiple Entry / Unlimited Entry Visa

  1. A 90 days multiple entry visa enables the holder to enter and exit the UAE as many times as they want during the visa period.
  2. Fees: AED 2500 including the Govt. mandatory Covid-19 covered medical insurance.

3-Month Dubai Visa – FAQ

  1. Can I extend my 90 days visit visa dubai / 3 months Dubai visa? Yes, you can extend it. Regal Tours can renew or extend your stay and do your visa change inside UAE itself without you having to exit from UAE. This visa change / extension process can be finished in 2 days. Only the passport copy is required to extend and renew your visa inside UAE without exiting.
  2. Is it 90 days or 100 days visa? When you get visa from Regal Tours, we give you 10 days more extra free, in addition to your 90 days stay.
  3. Will the duration start on the visa issuance or on the entry date? Once visa is issued, you can enter UAE / Dubai on your 90 days visa within 60 days. Your 90 – 100 days will be counted from your entry date.
  4. After we have extended our visa, can we still extend for 3 more months? Yes, you can keep on extending or renewing your 3 months visa for as many times as you want, for unlimited number of times. Regal Tours will help you with your online visa change.
  5. Why are the dates mentioned in the visa only for 2 months when we have paid for 3 months? The date shown in your 90 days visa is the visa validity before which you must enter UAE to use your 90 days visa.
  6. Is the insurance mandatory to buy with visa? Yes, now with the ongoing covid corona situation, here UAE govt has made it mandatory to include medical insurance to be issued together with the 90 days visa or any visit visas issued online. Regal tours will give you the insurance with a coverage of upto AED 150,000.
  7. Can i exit and re enter with this visa? In case you are planning to exit from UAE & come back again, then better to buy the 90 days multiple entry visa. The normal single entry visa gives you only 1 entry permit. However, if you buy the unlimited entries, multiple entry visa, you can use it for entry and exit for unlimited times, within the 90 days, & again we can renew and extend your multiple entry visa.
  8. Can i change to residence on this visa? Yes, once you get your online evisa from Regal Tours, if you find a job or if you want to change to 2 years residence visa, you can do it inside UAE without exiting from UAE. If you want, Regal Tours can help you to do the visa change.
  9. Why is there a price variation in different sites? Regal Tours is not the cheapest travel agency because Regal Tours always focus on getting the guaranteed issuance of visit visas for our clients. Also, Regal Tours includes the insurance coverage of AED 150,000 whereas most of others just put in coverage of 5000 AED only. Regal Tours is the fastest visa issuing agency in Dubai, and Regal Deals directly with immigration for approval & visa issuance, whereas many others depend on agents and sub agents.
  10. If i am coming on a 90 days visa do i need to book a hotel for 3 months? When entering UAE on your visa which is issued by Regal, you can stay anywhere in UAE as you like. There are no restrictions.
  11. Can i work on this long term visa? If you find a job and if you want to work, first you must get an approval letter from labor department which enables you to work in UAE.
  12. How can I make the payment for 90 days visa? You can pay for your visa online using a card, you will receive the payment link, or you can do bank transfer, or you can pay through any money exchange or if you want, you can pay at Regal Tours office also. Once you have send the passport copy to apply for the visa, you will receive clear payment instructions.
  13. What if the visa gets rejected? Visas get rejected only for those with any kind of old or previous blacklist issues in UAE or if someone had police cases etc. If you know of any such situations, better to inform Regal Tours prior to applying for visa, so that we can look into it carefully and find the right solutions for clearing your issues and to get your visa approved.
  14. Is it necessary to keep liquid cash of AED 2000 if my family is coming on 90 days tourist visa? AED 2000 must be kept as cash in hand for those bachelors coming on visit visa looking for job. It is not required for families and for those coming to visit their family members.
  15. Can I get a 90 days UAE tourist visa if my passport does not have 6 months validity? It is important that the passport must have 6 months validity. If the validity is lesser in the passport, please get it renewed before applying for visa.
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90 Days

Price In UAE Dirhams

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Regal Travel Agency,
It was at a very crucial stage I approached Regal for a very urgent visa. I was stuck at the airport, trusting another travel agency’s words & I was totally stranded. Regal tours came to my help & within 2 hours, I was out of the airport, with my urgent visa approval. Yes, I had to pay extras, but every penny was worth, because I did find help only from you guys. 5 Stars & top recommended Travel Agency.
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Mohammed Iqhbal, Senior Manager for Information Technology Systems Al Noor Bank Dubai Head Office, Dubai, UAE.

Thank you for your excellent service. I got my visa done through you in 1 day & I am very happy and fully satisfied with the service I received.
I recommend Regal Tours as a trusted travel agency.

Marco Vocale, Vice President Samsung Dubai, UAE.

Thank you so much. Your great service is very much appreciated.
I’ve been dealing with u now for 3 years. Always amazing service.
Thank you.

Shane David, Purchasing Manager Hewlett Packard ( HP ) Dubai, UAE.

Dear Regal Tours,
Thank you very much for the very quick service. We would like to extend our appreciation in helping us with our visa process. We confirm that everything went well and we will definitely recommend Regal Tours to all our friends. Regal Tours is the best travel agency in Dubai to the best of my knowledge.
Kind Regards

Rumbidzai Chigenua, Administration Department LexMark International Dubai, UAE.

Dear Regal Tours, I really appreciate your team’s efforts in providing my mum’s visa so quickly. Everything was handled so professionally by your friendly staff. Service provided to me was the best money could buy.

I must say you have a very good team & excellent service.


Maimuna Wafa, Manager, PR & HR Capital International Group Dubai, UAE.

18 Reasons why Regal Tours is the right & safe choice for your visas

  • 100% visa issuance guaranteed.
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  • Extensive knowledge and experience on latest visa rules & direct updates from immigration and Government Offices.
  • Variety of easy payment options.
  • You can communicate & receive the visa without even leaving your home.
  • One stop shop for all travel & tourism requirements.
  • 24 Hours Live Help & Support for our customers.
  • Highest real Testimonials / Google Reviews received:
  • Accurate guidance and timely commitments.
  • Multilingual & very cooperative staff.
  • ISO 9001 Internationally Certified company for high quality service & Approved by Dubai Government.
  • Option to get your visa issued within 24 hours if urgent.
  • UAE's highest social media fans supported travel agency: https://www.facebook.com/RegalToursWorldwide
  • Highest number of visit visas issued in 2018, 2019 & 2020.
  • Listed by Google & by Google maps, easier to find the location & driving directions to our office.
  • Easiest & Fastest visa issuance procedures with minimum documents
  • Option to get visa change done inside UAE itself - no need to exit.
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