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90 Days UAE Visa

No Deposit / No Cheques Needed |Only 950 AED

Description :

For those who plan to have an extended stay in UAE, a 90 days UAE visit or tourist visa is the best visa.

This 90 days tourist visa can be used for searching for jobs, or to stay with your friends or family, or to be a tourist & see all over UAE etc, as you like.

Using this 3 months visit / tourist visa, you can travel freely through all the 7 emirates in UAE, & stay wherever you like.

Actually it is very easy to get your 90 days visit or tourist visa for UAE now.

First let us look at how to get 3 months visit or tourist visa for UAE or Dubai?

1.Send the visitor’s passport copy by email to info@regaluae.com or whatsapp it to 00971 50 8474 794.


3.Receive the visa in 2 days.

When you send the passport copy to apply for your 3 months visit or tourist visa, you will receive Regal Tours reply with 5 different payment methods.

The reply will explain to you how to pay for your 90 days visit or tourist visa even by sitting at your home.

Some of the payment methods to pay for your 3 months visit or tourist visa is through cash or card at Regal Tours office, or do bank transfer, or by any money exchange, or pay online using a card etc.

You can also whatsapp or email a request to Regal Tours if you want to pay by phone using your card.

If you wish to pay by phone, you can send your mobile number to Regal Tours with a call back request.

Regal Tours will call you & will help you to pay through the phone.

The main intention of Regal Tours is to simplify the visa procedures as much as possible for its valuable clients.

Many people ask us, is it that easy to get 90 days visa for Dubai? The answer is actually yes.

For no reason, many unexperienced agents have complicated the procedures to get a visa, which is actually so easy.

90 Days visit visa or tourist visa fee for Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Sri Lankans, & Filipinos is AED 950.

For other nationalities, it is AED 1200.

Normally your 3 months visit or tourist visa will be ready in 2 business days.

If the 90 days visit or tourist visa is very urgent for you, you can request for an urgent visa, which shall be issued in 24 hours.

When applying for visit visa or tourist visa, it should be done only through government approved, highly experienced, reputed travel agencies such as Regal Tours Dubai.

Because even a small mistake in the submission of the 90 days visit or tourist visa will end up in visa rejection.

And once if a visa is rejected, high chances are that if it is applied again & again, still it might keep on getting rejected.

Also deal with only Dubai / UAE government approved travel agents, because many incidents have happened where people end up losing their money.

When the visa application is submitted carefully & perfectly, the visa gets approved quickly, & you can come with peace of mind and enjoy your stay in UAE.

If you are looking to extend your stay in UAE, Regal Tours can help you with UAE visa change packages.

90 Days visa change packages include airport to airport visa change packages, & also getting new visa & status change while you can rest at your home.

You can always contact Regal Tours through whatsapp or by email, or by calling, any time you want any help.

Below are some special application prices for 3 months visit or tourist visas:

90 Days visa for Yemen nationals is AED 7500.

90 Days visa for Syrian citizens is AED 5500.

3 Months visa for Afghanis is AED 2300.

3 Months visit or tourist visa for Bangladeshi men is AED 2500, & for ladies / children AED 1350.

90 Days visit or tourist visa for Nigerians is AED 2500.

90 Days visa for Libyans is AED 7500.

90 Days visa for Tunisians & Ethiopians is AED 1500.

Always feel free to contact Regal Tours for your visa applications.

Duration :

90 Days

Price In UAE Dirhams :

Only 950 AED

90 Days Multiple Entry / Unlimitied entries Visa:

3 Months multiple entry / unlimited entries visa is available for AED 2500. Using this 90 days multiple entry / unlimited entry visa, you can enter UAE, & exit, & enter again as many times as you want for 3 months.

How to apply for visa: Please email the visitor’s passport copy, personal photo & your mobile number to info@regaluae.com to apply for the visa & we will get back to you very soon.

18 Reasons why Regal Tours is the right & safe choice for your visas:

  • 100% visa issuance guaranteed.
  • Visas issued in 2 days - Fastest visa service in UAE.
  • 100% clean, excellent & clear records with all Government Departments in Dubai.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on latest visa rules & direct updates from immigration and Government Offices.
  • Variety of easy payment options.
  • You can communicate & receive the visa without even leaving your home.
  • One stop shop for all travel & tourism requirements.
  • 24 Hours Live Help & Support for our customers.
  • Option to get visa change done inside UAE itself - no need to exit.
  • Accurate guidance and timely commitments.
  • Multilingual & very cooperative staff.
  • ISO 9001 Internationally Certified company for high quality service & Approved by Dubai Government.
  • Option to get your visa issued within 24 hours if urgent.
  • UAE's highest social media fans supported travel agency: https://www.facebook.com/RegalToursWorldwide
  • Highest number of visit visas issued in 2016 & 2017.
  • Listed by Google & by Google maps, easier to find the location & driving directions to our office.
  • Highest real Testimonials / Google Reviews received:
  • Easiest & Fastest visa issuance procedures with minimum documents

How To Apply

UAE VISA right to you doorstep
Please email the visitor's passport copy and photo to info@regaluae.com

Please mention your mobile number. We will reply back to you within 1 - 5 hours. If you don’t receive our reply in 5 hours, please check your spam folder for our reply. Always remember to include your MOBILE number in the email communications, this will ensure faster & quicker service for you.

Quick Reference:

  • 14 Days Visa

    Aed 500/-

  • 30 Days Tourist/Visit Visa

    Aed 600/-

  • 90 Days Tourist/Visit Visa

    Aed 950/-

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

    Use one visa to enter & exit as many times as you want. - AED 1500/- (Unlimited Entries)

  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa

    Use one visa to enter & exit as many times as you want. - AED 2500/- (Unlimited Entries)

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