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120 Days Dubai Job Seeker Visa

120 Days Job Seeker Visa Dubai

If you are looking for employment opportunities in Dubai, the 120 days Dubai Job Seeker visa is a great option for a longer period.

This visa allows you to stay in Dubai for 120 days to find the best job opportunities, Regal Tours will help you to get Dubai Job seeker visa easily and quickly.

This Job seeker visa is a single-entry visa, which means, you can stay directly for 120 days with the same visa. If you want to leave and re-enter UAE, you will need to apply for a new visa.

To obtain a Dubai Job Seeker Visa, you will need to provide the necessary documents, such as a passport, passport-sized photographs, and your qualification certificate.

It is important to note that the Dubai Job Seeker visa does not allow visa holder to work in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE. Once you have secured a job offer, your employer will be responsible for sponsoring your work visa.

What documents are required to get 120 days Dubai job seeker visa?

120 days Dubai job seeker visa price

How long does it take to get 4 months Dubai job seeker visa?

How do I apply for 120 days job seekers visit visa?

Regal Dubai Travel Agency can make your visa application easier than ever! 

You can now apply for 120 days Dubai job seeker visa online with Regal Tours, our convenient online visa service will save your time and energy.

  1. You can simply send your passport, 1 passport size photo and your qualification certificate by WhatsApp on +971508474794 or by email to  info@regaluae.com.
  2. Once your visa is issued, you will receive your visa in PDF format by WhatsApp or email.
How do I pay for 120 days Dubai job seeker visa?
How do I verify & confirm the authenticity of Dubai UAE Visa?
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    FAQ for 120 days Dubai job seeker visa

    Yes you can, please send your passport copy to our WhatsApp number +971508474794, we will process and provide your 120 days job seeker visa, and will send your visa to you via WhatsApp or Email. 


    AED 3000 and extra AED 1000 fully refundable deposit, it includes UAE Government’s mandatory travel insurance.

    A foreigner is granted a visit visa to search for new job opportunities without requiring a host/sponsor within the country for one trip. You can apply for a job-seeker visa with a validity of either 60, 90 or 120 days. Read about the eligibility criteria and the steps to apply.


    The process of verification takes 5 to 7 working days.


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