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Visa Appeal Assistance in Dubai UAE

Want To Appeal For Your Rejected Visas?

Visa Appeal Assistance in Dubai

If you have applied for your visa before either it is for a Dubai visa, Freelance visa, residence visa or visa to go to any other countries in the world, and if it has got rejected, we understand how disappointing that can be to you.

We also know that maybe you have already tried several times again and again to get your visa approved. We understand it is so important for people like you to get their visas approved.

However, if you are still deciding to get your visa approved, don’t worry, here at Regal Tours we have specialized and expert visa consultants who have greater experience in getting previously rejected visas.

International Visa Appeal From Regal Tours

  • So if you are looking to get approval for your visa which was already rejected, don’t worry please contact us by WhatsApp +971 50 231 5207 or by email on info@regaluae.com or give us a call and we will help you.

  • We will prepare the accurate and exact documents that is required by either Immigration, Embassy, or Consulates to restudy your situation and we will do the needful to get your visa approved.

  • We already have experience in getting previously rejected visas to go to almost all the countries in the world. Many times we have clients coming to us who have already applied for their Dubai visit visas, Dubai residence visas, and Dubai freelance visas already applied and got rejected when they tried through some other agencies.

  • However here at Regal, you can be assured that it will be properly handled and you will receive the approval with assurance and guarantee.

  • So please remember to contact us, you only have to give us the documents that you have and if in case you already have any proof of the previous rejection, please share the proof with us, it might help to expedite the approval process.

  • If in case you don’t have any supporting documents or if you lack any documents don’t worry about it, we can do something about it and we will help you with that. So please contact us and we are here all the time to help you to support you.

  • Due to our great experience with Immigration offices, Consulates, and Embassies, we help you to get faster approval for your visas.

  • When we say visas to go to all other countries, it also include Schengen Visa, USA Visa, UK Visa, Canada Visa, Australia Visa etc. You can check with us about all other countries and these are just few of the countries which we can get approval for even if your previously applied visa was rejected.

What documents are required to Appeal for my rejected visa from Dubai?

1. Your previous visa refusal letter
2. Visa documents that you previously submitted to the embassy or consulate.

How much does it cost for Visa Appeal process in Dubai?

How long does Visa Appeal take?

It usually takes 30 days, and the processing duration can vary depending on the country and the complexity of your case.

How does Regal Travel process your visa appeal?

In most of the application refusal cases like Schengen, UK, US, Canada, or Australia, we will evaluate the refusal reason first and than we will suggest our client appeal or reapplication.

Some application we cannot appeal, so in such situations we will analyze the reason and give the option to apply the application. Otherwise when we are preparing the visa appeal request, we will make a detailed explanation in a format which explain the reasons like an objection. Also we are providing an objection against the reason embassy has mentioned.

We will check all the documents, there might be some information or missing documents that you have submitted before. We will check all your documents and we will provide you the best appeal letter that describes more about you and your file what ever you have submitted and also your purpose of stay, your financial information such as job or business history.

We will give the clarifications for the refusal points the embassy has mentioned, also we will give the exact explanation that satisfies embassy officials which will lead to quick approval for the appeal.

So based on embassy requirements, sometimes the embassy will ask for direct submission at the embassy or it can be sent by courier. Most of the Schengen visas have the same format which we can do by ourselves, and in some situations we need to prepare all the documents and sent to the clients.

In either situations, we assist our clients and we can provide clear proof of applicant’s previous visa and travel history. If they have any family members here, we will attach their details along with this appeal request.

How do I process my visa appeal in Dubai?
How do I pay for my visa appeal process?
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  • If you have any more questions or if you need any further help, please call us any time you want, or send us a  WhatsApp message or send us an email.
  • All of our office emails are guaranteed to be replied within 1 business hour.
  • If you want, you can also use the query form in this page to get in touch with us.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can Appeal your rejected visa though Regal Travel Agency, please send your Refusal Letter and visa documents to Regal by WhatsApp +971508474794 or by email info@regaluae.com 

    You can Appeal for Schengen visa refusal though Regal Travel Agency, please send your Refusal Letter and visa documents to Regal by WhatsApp +971508474794 or by email info@regaluae.com 

    It will cost you AED 400 for entire appeal process.

    Your visa refusal letter and the entire documents which you submitted to the embassy or consulate.

    Visa Appeal process will take 30 days or more and duration can vary depending on the embassy and the outcome of the appeal will be subject to the embassies decision.

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