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regal tours approved by dubai government
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Oman Visit Visa | Oman Tourist Visa

Oman Visit Visa

Oman Visit / Tourist Visa

Dubai’s #1 Oman Visa Provider To People
& To Travel Agencies in Dubai and Worldwide

Oman is a wonderful Middle Eastern destination with many options for tourists to visit and enjoy.

Getting a Oman visa is not easy and time consuming, here Regal Travel Agency can help you to get your Oman visa with our express visa service. 

We are specialized in getting quick approval for Oman visit visa, as well as other GCC visas such as Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Oman is budget-friendly and completely safe destination for tourists to explore, we can also help you with hotel reservations and tours in Oman. 

Dubai’s #1 Oman Visa Provider To People & To Travel Agencies in Dubai and Worldwide

In Oman you can visit forts and Deserts, Mountains and Beaches, Mosques, Souqs and swim in stunning wadis.

  • Visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque it’s a stunning modern mosque that lives up to its name with space for 20,000 worshippers. The Grand Mosque is open to non-Muslim visitors from 8.30am to 11am every day except Friday. There’s no entrance fee.

  • Wadi Bani Khalid is a stunning oasis in the desert with crystal clear green water surrounded by date palms and rugged mountains.

  • For the true desert experience head to Wahiba Sands for rolling sand dunes, camel rides, and 4WD adventures.

  • Nizwa Fort is one of the most popular places to visit in Oman. Fort has been refurbished and there are now historical items on display like jewellery, tools, and a timeline of the area’s history.

What documents are required to get Oman Visit Visa?

How much does it cost for Oman Visit Visa from Dubai?

How long does it take to get a visit visa for Oman?

How to apply for Oman Tourist / Visit Visa?

  1. You can send above mentioned documents by WhatsApp to us on +971508474794 or by email us to
  2. Please remember to mention, “Oman Visit Visa

Several conditions are there when you are applying for a Oman visit visa online or through any other Visa providers, while you apply with Regal Tours you will receive the visa in 2 working days without any complications.

Regal Dubai Travel Agency is a trusted visa services provider in Dubai for over 10 years. Our professionals are well-versed with documentation and procedures that are necessary for the successful application of Oman visit visa.

When you apply for your Oman visit visa through Regal Dubai Travel Agency, you can be assured that your application will be handled by the best Government-verified visa professionals.

We will make the process of Oman visa application very simple and you will be provided with Insurance coverage for your travel dates.

Once you have received the visa you can check the validity of your Oman Tourist visa through Regal Tours anytime you want.

How do I pay for my Oman Visit Visa?

Got More Questions?

  • If you have any more questions or if you need any further help, please call us any time you want, or send us a  WhatsApp message or send us an email.
  • All of our office emails are guaranteed to be replied within a maximum of 1 business hour.
  • If you want, you can also use the query form in this page to get in touch with us.
  • You can also call Regal tours anytime if you have any doubts or any questions about getting Oman visit / tourist visa.

If you have any more questions, please call us or WhatsApp us or email us or use the below form

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    Why do most people prefer Regal Dubai Travel Agency?

    dubai embassies in other countries

    UAE Embassies in other countries recommend Regal Tours to those who approach the consulate offices for Dubai visas since Regal is directly associated with Dubai Govt. & Immigration offices.

    regal-247 -customer-serviceEven on public holidays, when no one else is working in Dubai, Regal always has dedicated staff to work on your urgent visas & on the express visa approval on the same day, this is possible since Dubai immigration has given direct submission and approval access to Regal for an emergency, urgent & express visas.

    regal expertise in documents preparationVisas processed through Regal gets faster, quicker & easier approval owing to the credibility and reputation of Regal, and also due to the accuracy in carefully preparing and submitting documents, which is gained through years of deeper experience.

    approve-visa-serviceThose visas which were previously rejected gets approved when applied through Regal, regardless of the status, whether it is stuck in the process or shows as already rejected. The resubmission and reconsideration requests from Regal gets accepted & the visas get approved.

    air ticket officeAirlines offices in other countries ask people to go through Regal, since Regal is a major visa service provider to Airlines visa processing requirements.

    regal #1 visa service provider in uaeRegal has its name as the best Travel Agency in Dubai & No. 1 visa service provider in Dubai, UAE for over 10 years, also the most popular Travel brand in Dubai.

    fastest-visa-approvalMost travel agencies in Dubai submit their visa applications through Regal to avoid rejections & to get faster approval. We have staffs who are experts in taking care of travel arrangements and who were specialized in getting up quick approvals for visit visas.

    expert-staff-serviceRegal has expert staff for each section such as Dubai UAE visas, worldwide visas, hotel bookings, airline ticketing, tours and holidays, etc. once you come to Regal, you do not have to look at different places for different services. It means, under 1 umbrella, your A to Z travel requirements are carefully well taken care of.

    contact-regal-easilyYou can easily contact Regal consultants at any time via phone, WhatsApp, or email. You will always get an immediate response, and assistance from Regal staff, which means there is no waiting time.

    1.3 million recorded documentsThe recorded & documented 1.3 Million happy customers of Regal keeps on recommending Regal to their friends & helps Regal to spread the good reputation, reliability across 150 countries.