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Multiple Entry 90 Days Long Term / 30 Days Short Term Visa Online

No Deposit No Cheques Needed

30 or 90 Days Mutiple entry / Unlimited entries visa for Dubai / UAE :

For those who intend to have multiple trips to UAE & out in a short period of time, Dubai / UAE multiple entry tourist or visit visa is the best option.

Having a 30 days or 90 days UAE / Dubai multiple entry visa will enable you to enter UAE and exit and re enter unlimited number of times for a period of 30 days or 90 days.

Once you get this 1 month or 3 months multiple entry visa for UAE or Dubai, you can make your first entry to UAE at any airport within 60 days.

The UAE multiple entry visa has 2 months validity, & if you do not enter UAE within this validity period, then your visa will become invalid.

90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa Price

90 Days Dubai multiple entry visa is AED 2500, & this price includes UAE Govt.’s mandatory Covid covered medical insurance also. This insurance has coverage of upto AED 150,000.

Even if you are already inside UAE, still if you want, you can get this UAE multiple entry visit visa, which will help you to travel in and out of UAE for as many times as you want, within your visa period.

30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa Price

If you plan for only 1 month multiple entry visa, then the price is AED 1500, this price also includes the medical insurance covering Covid situations.

How To Apply For Multiple Entry Visa UAE:

  • When you want to apply for your Dubai multiple entry visa, you can send the passport copy by whatsapp or by email to us.

  • In 2 days or less, you will get your UAE multiple entry visa.

  • If you have any questions, please call us on 050 8474794 / 0503705507 / 0558264490 / Office 04 2635888 / Send us an email. Toll Free: 800 123 321

  • If passport copy is clear, the visa will get issued faster. It would also be good if you can attach a separate personal photo with white background.

Below are some questions, usually people ask when applying for UAE / Dubai 90 days or 30 days multiple entry visit or tourist visa.

Please go through it, it might help you:

  1. Can i change Multiple Entry visa to an employment visa?

    Yes you can easily convert to a job visa without leaving the country.

  2. Can i use this visa to enter the via road?

    Yes you can enter via road.

  3. Will I be able to check how many days I have left in my multiple entry visa in the immigration system ?

    No, it is not possible to check the number of days left in the immigration system and you have to manually calculate the remaing days. You can use this visa to enter & exit from UAE for an unlimited number of times for 1 Months / 3 months calculated from the date of your first entry in UAE.

  4. How many times a multiple entry visa can be extended ?

    You can extend your current visa for 2 times.

  5. Currently I'm here in the UAE on a single entry visa , Can I get a multiple entry visa without exiting from the UAE?

    Yes , by using the inside country visa with status change option you can obtain a new 1 Month or 3 Months single entry visa without exiting from UAE.

  6. I heard that for Tourist / Visit Visa holders UAE immigration allows a grace period of additional 10 days. Is this feature applicable for multiple entry visa holders also?

    Yes,multiple entry visa holders are also eligible for getting 10 days grace period. So, using 1 Month multiple entry visit visa you can stay here in UAE for 40 days and using 3 Months multiple entry you can stay here in UAE for 100 days

  7. Which are all the nationalities eligible to get a UAE Multiple entry tourist visa?

    We can give this Dubai multiple entry visa for all nationalities. For some nationalities, the price might vary, you can check with Regal Tours.

  8. Can I apply for a UAE 90 days multiple entry visa without visiting the Regal Tours office?

    Yes, you can just send the passport copy to Regal through whatsapp or email.

  9. What is the maximum number of days a 90 days multiple entry visa holder can stay outside the UAE after exiting the country for the first time?

    No maximum number of days limit, however if you want to enter UAE again on this same multiple entry visa, then you must enter before the visa period expires.

  10. When i exit UAE with 90 days multiple entry visa, will my stay days will be counted or only when i am inside UAE.?

    Your visa stay validity will start from the 1st entry for 90 days. Whether you are inside UAE or outside it will be same.

  11. Can i get a Dubai multiple entry visa without exiting from UAE if i am on a cancelled visa?

    Yes we can give you multiple entry visa inside UAE without exit after cancellation.

  12. Can i extend my 90 days multiple entry visa for another 90 days without exit?

    Yes we can extend for another 90 days multiple entry visa without exit for 3900 AED.

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UAE Visa right to your doorstep

Please send the visitor's passport copy & photo via :

Please mention your mobile number. We will reply back to you within 1 - 5 hours. If you do not receive our reply in 5 hours, please check your spam folder for our reply. Always remember to include your MOBILE number in the email communications, this will ensure faster & quicker service for you.


90 Days

Price In UAE Dirhams

Only 2500 AED
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