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MOFA Attestation Services

  • Are you looking for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation (MOFA) for a wide range of categories like Educational certificates, Birth and death certificates, power of attorney, and other documents issued within UAE & outside UAE.
  • Degree certificate attestation is mandatory for processing UAE employment visa. Regal provides easy Attestation process involves the original degree certificate being attested in the country where it was issued. The process of certificate attestation for UAE employment visa validates the degree, confirming that the degree or certificate of educational attainment is authentic.
  • Regal Tours will help you to get MOFA attestation services for any legal documents. We offer free pick up & delivery for all your legal documents being attested in MOFA.

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Documents required for UAE MOFA attestation:

How long will it take to attest your certificate from MOFA UAE?

How much does it cost to attest documents in UAE?

Starts from AED 450 for document attestation

How to apply for a MOFA attestation in UAE?

  1. Regal Dubai Travel Agency can make your legal documents attested easier & faster than ever!
  2. You can easily send above mentioned documents by WhatsApp to us on  +971508474794 or by email us to info@regaluae.com

How do I pay MOFA attestation fees?

What is MOFA attestation?

MOFA Attestation is the final verification of a certificate or document, which then bears the stamp and seal of an authorized Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel.

Attestation is a procedure to confirm validity of the seal and signature on documents issued in the UAE or abroad.

Why is MOFA attestation required?

MOFA attestation in UAE is required for applying for a Resident permit through Labour Ministry in UAE. Foreign Ministry Attestation is required for getting a family Visa in Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

MOFA attestation in the UAE is, in most cases, a mandatory procedure to validate the authenticity of important certificates and documents required for visa, employment, study, medical or any other purposes. All UAE attestation services, both for documents issued outside or inside the country, are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC), better known as MOFA UAE.

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