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These are the best UAE entry permits that make it easier to visit, work and live in the country.

UAE offering long-term residency for selected professionals in every corner of the world.

1) Visit visa

With visit visa you can visit as a tourist in 7 emirates in the UAE. Regal Tours will help you to get UAE visit visa within 24 hours.

2) Transit visa

If you are transiting through any emirates in the UAE and want to spend some time in the UAE, this visa allows you to stay for either 48 or 96 hours. Regal Tours will help you get a 48-hour transit visa and a 96-hour transit visa very easily.

3) Job-seeker visa

This visa has come into effect in October last year. It allows people to come to the UAE without the need for a sponsor or host to explore work, investment, and business opportunities. Fresh graduates of the top 500 universities in the world can apply for this visa. Regal Tours will help you get your job seeker visa. For more information about job seeker visa please click here.

4) Multi-entry tourist visa

UAE offers five-year multi-entry visa for tourists to enter the UAE several times during a calendar year for 90 days at a time, which can be extended for another 90 days. You can apply this visa with Regal Tours. For more information you can visit our 5 years multiple entry visa page.

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Regal Tours is widely popular as the best Travel Agency in Dubai & the #1 Worldwide Visa service provider in UAE. Regal Travel Agency process Dubai visa services.

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