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These Are The 6 Most Welcoming Cities For Travelers In 2023

1. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and is choc-full of Mexican culture. The city boasts over 150 museums and galleries and is home to beautiful parks and public squares. The distinct neighborhoods that make up the city offer visitors incredible food – every region of Mexico’s unique cuisine is represented in the capital city.

2. Porto De Galinhas, Brazil

Porto De Galinhas is just over an hour’s drive south of Recife and is a popular vacation destination for locals and international visitors. What once was a small fishing village is now a happening resort town with plenty of hotels to choose from. The area is best known for its white sand beaches and picturesque tide pools. The waters are teeming with tropical fish and coral reefs, making it an incredible snorkeling destination.

3. York, UK

York is a beautiful city full of history and charm. Located halfway between Edinburgh and London, York’s roots go back to Roman times. The ancient walls surround the city, and walking them provides visitors with a unique perspective of the city. York is known as the most haunted city in Europe, an accolade it proudly promotes through city tours and a multitude of events during the Halloween season.

4. Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda, Lithuania is a port city on the Baltic Sea that dates back to the early 13th century. It has long been an industrious city and has recently become a popular tourist destination, in large part because of its proximity to Palanga, Lithuania’s beach resort area. Klaipeda’s old town is an interesting place to explore and is home to a collection of statues that reflect the city’s history and folklore.

5. Dresden, Germany

Dresden is a city in eastern Germany, not far from the Czech border. Once considered one of the most beautiful cities, much of Dresden was destroyed during World War II. After the war, a few important buildings were rebuilt, but much of the city is now home to more modern developments. Dresden has a strong cultural tradition in music and the arts. It is home to a famous Opera House as well as several impressive museums.

6. San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián is a beautiful coastal city situated in Basque Country in northern Spain. While the city offers beautiful sites in its Old Town and a great urban beach, it is perhaps most notorious for its cuisine. San Sebastián’s culture revolves around its food – and visitors can experience it in many different ways. The city’s dining options range from Michelin-starred restaurants to low-key pintxos bars. Visitors who want to explore the region’s culinary traditions further can take a food tour or cooking class with locals.

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