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These Are The Top Spring Break Destinations

Travelers are searching over 25% times more Puerto Vallarta this year. This beautiful Mexican city has recently set an all-time record for most visitors. But why? Because this destination has all travelers want for the perfect vacation: beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich culture, and great nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta The Top Spring Break Destinations

Flight searches for have increased by 30%. The Dominican Republic offers amazing beaches, great resorts, and entertainment for tourists, and it is becoming one of Americans’ favorite destinations for 2023.

Punta Cana






Rome, Italy’s capital is on many travelers’ minds. Searches to this destination have increased by 20%. This country’s romantic and historical corners attract over 10 million tourists every year.Rome, Italy

Despite being considered an overrated destination for 2023, Paris is always on every traveler’s bucket list. This destination was searched 50% more for travel this year. Perhaps Emily in Paris has an influence on this.



Spring break vacations to see the cherry blossoms of Tokyo? Yes, please! According to Expedia, American travelers searched this city 55% more compared to the previous year.blossoms of Tokyo


Surprisingly, Alaska has been gaining a lot of popularity in 2023. According to Expedia, travelers are interested in cruises to Alaska during spring break—25% more searches than the previous year.Alaska The Top Spring Break Destinations

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