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Here’s Why Malaysia Is So Popular For Tourists

  • Unparalleled city breaks
  • Colonial architecture
  • Gorgeous nature
  • Pristine beaches

Malaysia’s main point of entry is Kuala Lumpur, a capital city home to 1.8 million people whose skyline is dominated by the iconic steel-clad Petronas twin towers. Exploring the chaotic cluster of skyscrapers and British-era monuments, tourists will be met with a lively nightlife, futuristic mosques, and Instagram-worthy street art.

George Town may be Malaysia’s second-largest hub, but it is arguably its best tourist offer: the UNESCO-listed historical core is embellished with colorful facades and colonial-style buildings reminiscent of the imperial years, and local restaurants are famous for their varied selection of traditional Malay dishes.

Outside the hustle and bustle of the city centers, visitors will find the tranquil Gunung Mulu National Park, a jaw-dropping rain-forested landscape speckled with karsts and comprising the world’s largest cave passage – the Sarawak Chamber – at 115 meters high and 600 meters long.

Looking for some sun and sand instead? Malaysia has beautiful beaches lining its 2,905 miles of coastline, rivaling those of neighboring Thailand and Vietnam: Kuantan is one of many swimming spots with turquoise waters within driving distance of Kuala Lumpur, home to a turtle sanctuary and a quaint craft village where local produce is sold.

Malaysia Is Both Affordable And Safe

Additionally, it is incredibly affordable for most Westerners to visit, especially those traveling in the long-term, despite being considerably more developed than other SEA nations: digital nomads hailing from the States should expect to pay, on average, 78.3% less on rent living in Malaysia, while saving up to 50.5% more on daily expenses.

Lastly, Malaysia is considered a low-risk destination compared to others in SEA, having been awarded a ‘blue badge’/Level 1 classification by the U.S. Department of State. In other words, American travelers do not face any heightened safety threats traveling in the region, and they are merely advised to exercise ‘normal precautions’.

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