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Breathtakingly beautiful places in Marrakesh

Many European artists have been inspired by Morocco’s exotic beauty. That is why painters like Delacroix, Van Dongen, Majorelle, Pontoy, Legrand and Bertuchi have all tried to artistically capture the essence of this North African country. 

Their paintings are currently featured in the permanent collections of the museum. Photographs taken by Westerners are also on display. These snapshots, which span 150 years of Moroccan history, provide visitors some insights into the evolution of the country’s culture. Paintings and craftwork by Moroccan artists are also showcased in this museum.

travel marakkashJardin Majorelle is located in Marrakesh, and is famously known for being a garden that was created by Jacques Majorelle, a French artist. It boasts a space of two and a half acre that full of flora and fauna. It features a botanical garden as well as a landscape garden.

Jemaa el-Fnaa is considered the most important part of medina as it is Marrakech’s main square. The square is bustling with fun activities and different forms of entertainment that screams Moroccan culture. From exciting entertainers such as monkey trainers and snake charmers to various stalls selling traditional food and items, there is always something for everyone! But the fun does not end when the sun sets. As the night falls, the Jemaa el-fna Square radiates a far more crazier vibe. This is because the square is popular for being the largest and most lively night market in Africa.

travel to marakkash-moroccoMany historians claim this beautiful gatehouse was built between 1188 and 1190 by Islamic leader Abu Yusuf Ya’qub al-Mansur. They also suggest that this gate was where foreigners, including Black slaves, were ushered into the city of Marrakesh.

A lot of people in the city profited from the slave trade, making this gate instrumental in their success. Bab Agnaou is also a point of entry to a magnificent palace complex called the kasbah.

The Atlas Mountains are a Maghreb mountain range. The Sahara Desert is separated from the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts by it. It runs across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia for around 2,500 kilometres. With an elevation of 4,167 metres, Toubkal, located in central Morocco, is the highest mountain in the range. The mountain also shelter various animals and plants, many of these species are threatened with extinction, and a few have already gone extinct.

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