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Five Year Dubai Retirement Visa

Want To Apply For The Five-Year Dubai Retirement Visa?

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If there’s a Paradise for a retiree, Dubai is the place. Beaches, malls, theme parks, Atlantis, and many other tourist attractions make Dubai a highly popular destination among all age groups. If you’re reaching near to retirement age, it’s better to start planning your retiree life right now. Lucky for you, Dubai has recently announced a “retirement program” for foreigners and emigrants, which grants them a 5 year visa to Dubai

Eligibility Criteria

There are specific criteria the retiree should qualify to be eligible for the 5-year visa service. The Dubai visa can be renewed after five years; if the applicant continues to meet each of the criteria given below. Here are all of them-

  • Age
  • An age limit is set to determine if the person is a retiree or not. Your age needs to be at least 55 years old or above to be considered as an applicant for the retirement UAE visa

  • Health insurance
  • Having health insurance coverage from a credible company is imperative irrespective of your age. However, medically the health of the older age groups is sensitive. The applicant should have an acceptable UAE health insurance. Please note that it is mandatory to invest in health insurance before any visa application. If your application is rejected under any circumstances, your health insurance amount will be refunded within 30 days of purchase.

  • Income criteria
  • There are four broad options under this factor that determine which financial sector you belong to. You must fit in either of the three to be eligible.

    1. Alternative 1: approximately USD 5,500 or AED 20,000 per month income.
    2. Alternative 2: approximately USD 275,000 or AED 1 million life savings
    3. Alternative 3: approximately USD 550,000 or AED 2 million in property assets.
    4. Alternative 4: A mix of option 2 and 3, summing up to a total of minimum AED 2 million.
  • How To Apply
  • You can mail the following documents to the official Dubai tourism retirement website to start your application process. Here are all of the documents needed to apply for the retirement visa-

    1. A copy of a valid passport of the applicant and his/her family (if applicable) 
    2.  Copy of marriage certificate- in case he/she is sponsoring their spouse.
    3. If you’re a UAE resident, you need a current copy of your visa.
    4.  If you’re a present resident in the UAE, you need a copy of a valid Emirates ID.
    5.  All the evidence copies of the eligibility criteria.
    6.  Complete residential address.
    7.  Copy of UAE health insurance 
    8.  Contact information- Mobile number and email address.
  • To wrap it up,
  • Going through the entire retirement Dubai visa at old age can be daunting and tiring. Regal Tours Worldwide offers this visa service at affordable prices to the senior citizen section of the population. Hiring them will not only make this process convenient for you but also fasten the entire procedure. You will be enjoying your retiree life in Dubai before you know it! Contact Regal Tours Worldwide for further information.