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Dubai Visa Online

Smart Tips To Get Dubai Visa Online

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Many people want to know the fastest & easiest way to get Dubai visa. There are lot of travel agencies unnecessarily complicating the Dubai visa procedures. At Regal Tours, Regal Tours gets your visa done only using your passport copy. For those people who want to come to Dubai on visit visa, if you need, Regal Tours also helps to arrange your accommodation, if you need to get a sim card, food arrangements, transportation arrangements etc, everything Regal Tours can help you. If you are thinking of a beautiful destination for a short tour, then Dubai is your best choice. There are a lot to see and to enjoy in Dubai and UAE for those who want to spend a great time for a shorter period. For job hunting also, Dubai is the best place as you will find the offices of all the word class companies in Dubai. Comparatively the salary is also in better in Dubai than most other countries. Below are the some questions that people usually have in their mind when it comes to getting their Dubai visa done online or it is just an evisa that they want to receive through a dubai based travel agency.
    1. How long it will take to obtain a dubai visa?
  Normally your visa will be ready in 2 days, if it is urgent for you, Regal tours can give you visa in 1 day also.  
    1. Can i apply for dubai visa online?
You can send your passport copy by email or by whatsapp to Regal Tours.
    1. What is the longest duration available for Dubai e visa?
The longest direct visa is 3 months Dubai visa, after that, again you can extend it for 3 more months. You can repeat this process for unlimited number of times.
    1. How much do you charge for multiple entry visa?
Multiple entry or unlimited number of entries visa is available for 1 month & for 3 months. 1 month multiple entry visa is AED 1500. 3 Months multiple entry visa is AED 2500. Both the prices include the mandatory Covid covered medical insurance also.
    1. How long it will take to do a UAE visa renewal?
If you wish to extend your visa or renew your visa, you can get it done in 2 days.
    1. Can we apply for 2 months Dubai visa ?
2 months & 3 months visa, it is the same visa, so either you stay 2 months or 3 months, the price is same. Because here in Dubai, govt gives 1 month visa & 3 months visa.
    1. Can the UAE visa renewed while the person is on grace period ?
UAE visa can be renewed while the visitor is on grace period for 01 month or 03 months.
    1. What are the documents required for Dubai visa extension?
Only the passport copy is required to extend your stay in Dubai.
    1. What options are available for visa change ?
 Visa change option available as of now is Inside country visa with status change. You will get visa in 2 days without traveling anywhere. No need to exit.
    1. Is there any age limit to apply for Dubai visit visa?
No, however, the price may vary if the age of the applicant is below or above the immigration’s normal permitted age.
    1.   When do I inform you if I want to extend my visa?
At least 5 days prior to your current visa’s expiry date.
    1.  Until when can I travel after the visa approval?
Within 60 days from visa issuance date
    1.  Can I enter other emirates if my visa is issued from Dubai?
Yes, in UAE it is one centralized system, so regardless of where the visa is issued, you can enter any Emirate in UAE.
    1.  After extending my visa, can I extend again when it expires?
Yes. There is no limit. You can keep on extending your stay in UAE for as many number of times as you want.
    1. How many times I can enter to Dubai on a three months UAE multiple entry visa?
For multiple entry visas there are no restrictions for entering and exiting from UAE.
    1. Is it to possible to apply for a visit visa to other countries if I’m in Dubai on a visit visa?
Not possible, as of now, UAE residence visa is mandatory for applying visit visa to any other Countries except GCC countries.