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Do I Need A Confirmed Airline Ticket To Get My Visa

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  1. Do I need to book my tickets to apply for a visa?
  2. No, a ticket is not a must to get a visa. however, if you want a Dubai transit visa, then it is a must that the ticket must be issued prior to applying for a visa.

  3. Can I book my tickets after my visa approval?
  4. Yes, you can do that, unless it is a transit visa that you are taking.

  5. I have booked my tickets for next year. When can I apply for a visa?
  6. You can apply now and we’ll get the visa approval according to your travel date. Remember the validity of the visa also. If it is a transit visa, you must enter Dubai within 30 days & if it is any other visa, you have to enter UAE within 60 days.

  7. Is a Return ticket mandatory to get my UAE visa?
  8. Yes, it is mandatory. If you want, you can also come on a return dummy ticket.

  9. Do I need to submit the Flight booking details while applying for the Dubai visa?
  10. For getting a visit visa to Dubai only passport copy and photo is required.

  11. When Can I book my flight ticket. Before getting the visa or after getting the visa?
  12. You can book your tickets as per your convenience.

    But what we are suggesting you is to book the tickets after getting the visa only.

    If it is Dubai transit visa, then you must show an onward flying ticket, showing your departure from Dubai.

  13. Can we book a return dummy ticket, even if it is a Dubai transit visa?
  14. We can book dummy ticket depending upon the onward flight

  15. Do I need to have a confirmed return ticket to my home country?
  16. It’s not mandatory to have a return ticket to home country, even if you are coming on a Dubai transit visa.

  17. Do we need to book in advance the confirmed ticket?
  18. You can book the ticket after the visa approval.

  19. Can I use a return ticket to the same country to get a transit visa.
  20. No, for a transit visa, the ticket must be to a different country other than the country of departure.

  21. Can I get transit visa without issuing my flight tickets?
  22. No, tickets are required to get a transit visa.

  23. Can I apply for transit visa with dummy ticket?
  24. If you wish to book tickets after getting visa then we can provide you dummy tickets for 150 AED and we will get the visa.