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Complete Guide to UAE Visa Types

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For the people who wish to visit UAE or Dubai, a variety of UAE visa types have been introduced to match with their visiting purposes criteria.

Along with the above-mentioned visas, Govt. also offers seaman visas for those who are coming by ship for a short transit. Those who wish to open their own business can avail of the 3 years business owner visa.

3 Year’s business partner visa is also available if there will be more than 1 business owner. If you wish to have 2 years or 3 years visa for your family/relatives, you can request to get visas done for them also.

15 Days UAE Visa From Dubai

For those people who do not wish to spend a lot of time, just a 15 days UAE visa would be good enough to fulfill their visit purposes.

If you have come to Dubai on 15 days UAE visa & if you wish to extend your stay, then your visa can be renewed while you stay inside UAE. Better to get 15 days visa only if you are sure that you will exit from UAE within 15 days so that you can avoid spending more extras unnecessarily on visa extension fees.

30 Days UAE Visa From Dubai

If you think a 2 weeks visa may not be enough, then you can opt for the 30 days UAE visa option, which will allow you to spend one month and you can also use this to travel all throughout all Emirates.

Due to some unexpected reasons, if it is required for you to stay more than 30 days in Dubai, then without any issues, your 30 days UAE visa can be extended or renewed for another 30 days or more, as you wish.

However, if you think you might need more time in UAE than 30 days, & if you are unsure of your exit plans from Dubai, then it is always better to come to UAE directly on a 90 days visa, so that you can avoid all those renewal extension fees.

90 Days UAE Visa From Dubai

For those people who come for job searching purposes or to have an extended stay with relatives, then a 90 days UAE visa would be the better option.

In case, you are not able to complete your intended task of 90 days within this 3 months period, then you can request to extend and renew your 90 days visa for a further period, as you wish.

This 90 days visa can be extended to 30 more days or even to 90 more days upon request. Only the passport copy is required to do your visa extension procedures.

UAE Multiple Entry  Visa 

If you wish to come to the UAE and exit and come back and plan to repeat the process, then the UAE multiple entry visa would be the right choice instead of taking single entry visas.

UAE Multiple entry visas now come with medical insurance that will cover COVID 19 situations and also unexpected accidental medical emergencies.

There is no restriction in terms of minimum stay while using this UAE multiple entry visa, even inside UAE stay or outside UAE stay.

Once visa is issued, you must enter UAE within 60 days, & that particular multiple entry visa validity finishes as counted from the first entry date.

UAE Transit Visa

For those people who plan to just transit through the country, then UAE transit visa would be enough which is comparatively the cheapest.

If you just wish for a short stay in UAE or Dubai for 1 or 2 days, or you just need a visa only to come out of the airport for few hours, then this UAE transit visa will help you. 

Except for UAE multiple entry visa, all other tourist or visit visas shall be single entry visa UAE permit. If you wish to have detailed information on different UAE visa types, then you can contact Regal tours anytime. Once the visa is issued, either it is multiple entry visa or 30 days or 15 days or 90 days visa, it has a validity of 60 days to make your first entry into UAE. Your UAE entry permit visa validity shall be counted from your entry date only. if you have obtained a single entry visa then as soon as you exit from UAE, the visa becomes invalid. In case you plan to extend your UAE multiple entry visa, then it can be done without exiting from UAE, as well as other single entry UAE visas.