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All You Need To Know About Transit Visa in Dubai

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For those people who plan a very short quick Dubai visit, transit visa would be sufficient.

Also for those who want to pass through Dubai, sometimes coming out of airport, and sometimes catching the next flight even without coming out of airport, if transit visa is required, then it can obtained in a day or 2.

Sometimes when people pass through Dubai airport with a few hours delay at Dubai airport, or sometimes when they have 1 or 2 days stay in Dubai before continuing with the journey, Dubai transit visa would be very helpful in such situations.

Using a Dubai transit visa, if you want, you can go to all other Emirates in UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

If you are coming to Dubai on a transit visa obtained through Regal Tours, we can also arrange transfer services for you.

Below are few questions & answers which normally customers ask related to Dubai tourist visa queries

  1. Within how much time i can use the 48 hours transit visa to enter UAE?
  2. The 48 hours transit visa has to be used in 30 days to enter UAE

  3. Do you need to confirm an air ticket for the 96-hour transit visa application?
  4. Yes, we need to submit confirmed ticket to apply for transit visa

  5. Can we use Dubai transit visa to enter by road?
  6. Transit visa has to be used to enter UAE via Dubai airport only.

  7. What are the requirements?
  8. Only the passport copy, photo and air ticket are required to get your transit visa, which you can send to us by email or whatsapp

  9. How long it will take to get the visa?
  10. Noramlly the visa will be issed in 2 days if urgent we can get in 24 hours

  11. What if we dont have confimred ticket for 96 hour transit visa?
  12. We can apply with dummy ticket its AED 150 extra

  13. Can we use transit visa to enter by seaport?
  14. No, to enter UAE using transit visa, it is permitted only at Dubai airport.

  15. Does Dubai provide transit visas?
  16. Yes Dubai provides 48 hours and 96 hours transit visas.

  17. Can i enter Abu Dhabi with 48 hours transit visa?
  18. No, Transit visas are valid to enter Dubai only.

  19. Do i need a transit visa to Dubai if i am not going out of airport?
  20. If you are not coming out of airport then visa is not required.

  21. If my ticket has been rebooked, can I still use the same visa?
  22. – Yes but within 30 days from the visa issuance date.

  23. What are the charges for Dubai transit visa?
  24. It is AED 350 for 48 hours visa.

  25. Is insurance mandatory for this transit visa?
  26.  Yes, insurance is mandatory and the price covers insurance too.

  27. Can I extend my Dubai transit visa?
  28.  Transit visa cannot be extended.

    However, if you plan to stay for 30 or 90 days, Regal Tours can help you to get the approval without you having to exit from UAE.

  29. Can I convert transit visa to Dubai residence visa?
  30. You can’t convert your Dubai transit visa into a residence visa .