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What To Do If You Get Visa Rejection

Rejection is painful and if it is one of the foremost anticipated trips of your life, it hurts more. Imagine the results of refusing an e-visa online for your company. The thought brings a shiver to the spine. But that is the truth in the travel industry, You expect your visa to be approved and track visa status online, keep checking visa status and then you find out that visas are refused. whether or not each of your documents is ideal, your purpose and intention for the trip are clear and you are confident of the visa application approval, the visas are going to be refused. So what would you do if you get such rejection? Here we are to guide you on what to do after rejection.

Enquire And Consult

The first thing you must do is to understand and get the proper explanations on why your Dubai visa application is rejected. the precise reason or visa status isn’t given in most countries. to know the right reason for the rejection of your visa application, you must contact experts those who know the system, who can track visa status online and are expert in visa processing.


Re-applying for a visa is one of the choices. But we recommend that you should only apply again if there are good chances in your conditions/circumstances. Also reapplying must be done with additional supporting documents to strengthen your application and also give an explanation about the reason for the previous rejection. While there are countries where you must wait for a particular period to apply for a visa again, there are others where you can apply for your visa immediately.

Below Are The Steps To Apply For 14 Days Visa

1.       Please email the visitor’s passport copy & your mobile number to [email protected], to apply for the visa.

2.       Pay for your visa by online transfer, cash deposit or online transfer.

3.       You can also contact us for your visa status or track visa status online yourself.

4.       Receive your visa in 2 days.


If you feel that the consular officer has overlooked your documents and your visa refusal isn’t justified, you have the option to appeal. The new application or e-visa online should be made after an intensive understanding of the explanation for rejection and supported by strong reasons/documents.

Other Options

Another way to get your visa easily is to apply for visa from another country that enables you to travel your destination country without a visa or with simple visa procedures. Assume that your e-visa online to Indonesia is rejected. In this case you can apply Malaysia visa and when you travel from Malaysia to Indonesia you will be able to get visa on arrival to enter Indonesia.

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