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Hajj Package 2020

Hajj Package Schedule of 2020.

( Available only for Indians as of now )

Only 28,000 AED


Hajj Package Schedule of 2020. ( Available only for Indians as of now ) AED 28,000/-

Other nationalities, please check back with us by January 2020.

You will go directly to Hajj from UAE & you will come back to UAE directly back from Hajj.

Departure & return will be either from Dubai airport or from Sharjah airport.

Hajj 2020 Package details / Schedule / Dates / Routing.

Assalaamu Alaiykkum.

Hajj 2020 Package from UAE, for 19 Days.

In Shaa Allaah Holy Hajj 2020 will be from 28th July Tuesday to 2nd August, Sunday.

We will start from Dubai or Sharjah on the night of 23rd July 2020 ( Thursday ) & we will reach Jeddah airport on 24th July Friday morning.

24th July is Dul Hajj 3.

We will pray the Friday Juma prayer at Jeddah. From Jeddah airport, we will go to Azeeziyah by bus.

Azeeziyah is an executive residential apartment area that is 7 kilometers from Makkah Haram.

We will stay in the Azeeziyah apartment for 3 days.

That means, from 24th July till 26th July night we will be staying in Azeeziyah's apartment.

On 27th July Morning, from Azeeziyah, we will go to our tents in Mina.

We will be using & staying in our Mina tents from 27th July till 1st of August for 5 days.

The number of people staying in each tent will be based on & will be proportional to the area of each tent.

Tents come in different sizes which accommodates 10 people to 100 people. We will confirm the best possible available tent for our group.

Tents will be bigger for an increased number of occupancy of Haajees.

Toilets will be available within 30 seconds to 1 minute walkable distance from our Tents.

Since there are plenty of toilets available for us, there will be no difficulty at all for toilets or water.

From Mina tent, on Dul Hajj 9th, that is the 30th of July, we will go to Holy Arafat.

Holy Arafat day will be on the 30th of July.

The huge covered shaded Arafat pray ground area at Arafa is arranged by Saudi Government & we will spend the Arafat day in praying, in dhikr, in duaa, & in Quran recitation till Magrib prayer.

On the same day, after Magrib prayer, we will go to Musdalifa.

And that night ( 30th July ), we will stay at Musdalifa. No kind of accommodation is arranged at Musdalifa, it is night stay at Musdalifa.

We sleep in Musdalifah ground, spreading bedsheets.

That is how everybody spends the night at Musdalifa always.

The next day morning, it is Eid day, Dul Hajj 10th, 31st of July, we will move towards Jamrah to throw stones.

Stones to throw at Jamrah has to be collected from Musdalifah.

Keep a small plastic water bottle with you, it is easier to collect stones in this plastic bottle.

From Musdalifah, first, we will go to our tents in Mina. Those items that we carry in our hands, we keep back in our Mina tent.

A bus is available to go from Musdalifah to Mina tent, however, it is better, faster & easier to go by walking from Musdalifah to Mina.

Due to the huge crowd, buses will be moving very slow. It will take almost 3 to 4 times more for the bus to reach Mina, than as we go on walking.

3 Days we need to throw stones at Jamrah ( we will be doing this from Mina ).

We will be sleeping in Mina's tent & it is from Mina tents, that we are going to Jamrah to throw stones.

On the 1st of August, we will go to our apartments in Azeeziyah to collect our luggage & things.

And that night, 1st of August, we will sleep in our Azeeziyah apartment.

Next day morning, the 2nd of August, we will go to Makkah Haram.

In Makkah, we will be staying in a 4 star or 5-star hotel near Makkah Haram.

5 Days we will be staying in the hotel at Makkah Haram.

That means, from the 2nd of August till 7th August morning.

7th August morning, we will check out from the hotel at Makkah Haram & we will go to Madinah by bus.

We will stay in Madinah for 3 days in a 3-star or 4-star hotel near Madinah Haram.

That means, from the 7th of August till the 10th of August.

The 10th of August is checking out from Madinah hotel.

From Madinah, we will go to Jeddah airport by bus.

And from Jeddah airport, by 10th August night, we will leave & in Shaa Allaah we will reach back to Dubai on the 11th of August morning.


Hajj Visa

For Hajj visas, clear passport copy & clear passport size photo with white background is required.

Some times, for some passports, the Hajj visa-issuing authorities might ask to present the original passport.

If in case, the original passport is required to obtain your Hajj visa approval, we will inform you accordingly, & original passport needs to be brought to Regal office.

If Hajj Visa is rejected, 100% of your payment will be refunded ( hajj visa will be rejected only for those with any kind of previous blacklist issues in Saudi Arabia).

In case of refund request from your side, AED 5,000 will be charged & only the balance will be refunded. However, if the Hajj visa is rejected, the full money will be refunded back to you.



Since we are flying from UAE for Hajj, vaccination is not required. However, if you feel the need of being vaccinated, you can do it.


Hotel Rooms

4 People will be sharing each room during the stay at Azeeziyah, Makkah & Madinah.

In gents' room, there will be 4 gents & in the ladies' room, there will be 4 ladies.

If you want exclusive rooms, it will be AED 5,000 extra per person.

However, if you are a family or friends of 4, then you do not need to pay anything extra for your exclusive room, you will get your room which will accommodate the 4 of you from your personal group.

The names of the hotels in Makkah & Madinah will be available 2 – 3 weeks before departure from UAE.



This package includes 3 times food. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Dishes will be of normal Indian cuisine.

Inclusive: Rice, Fish, Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Vegetables, Fruits, Tea, Coffee, Juices, Bread, Dosa, Porotta, Chappathy, etc


Local Transportation

All your local transportation is already included in this package.

However, should you wish to go anywhere on your own, those expenses will be borne by yourself.

During our stay at Azeeziyah, if you want, you can go for Umrah & the transportation expenses will be on your own.

Per way, it costs around 10 AED from Azeeziyah to Makkah Haram.



We hold limited confirmed seats for Hajj 2020 & it will be available only to those who book first.

We will not be able to accept any new bookings request once our quota is over.

If you have decided to go for Hajj in 2020, then it is better to do your booking today, just to ensure that you do not miss the chance.

To do the booking, please send your clear passport copies & photos by email to info@regaluae.com or by WhatsApp to 00971 50 8474 794, & mention Hajj Booking.

Please mention your mobile number in all correspondence, to ensure that you get a timely prompt response.

A minimum payment of AED 5,000 is required to accept your booking for Hajj.

Once you have done this payment of AED 5,000, it will be non-refundable & it will be refunded only in case of Hajj visa rejection.

Hajj visas will be rejected only of those who have any kind of previous ban or blacklist issues in Saudi government’s immigration records, otherwise, the visa is guaranteed.



5,000 AED or more is required to accept your booking for Hajj & the balance amount has to be cleared 100% before the 20th of June 2020.

In case the balance is not cleared 100% before the 25th of June, then we will not be able to guarantee your Hajj booking for 2020, & also the AED 5,000 that you paid will be non-refundable.

Payments can be done at our office in Dubai or by bank transfer.

We will share the online & offline payment methods with you as soon as you have sent your passport copies to us for your Hajj booking.



Highly experienced Hajj Ameer will be traveling with you to guide you & to help you at places of Hajj & its’ related procedures.

We will also be conducting Hajj preparatory classes for you, 2 weeks before the departure from UAE.



We will try to cover your laundry expenses also in this package, we will try to include the laundry, however, as of now, it is not confirmed.



This is a 19 days package. If you wish to have a lesser number of days for the Hajj, you can leave from Dubai late, on any dates closer to Hajj as you choose & you can return to Dubai as soon as the Hajj is over on the 2nd of August.

However, if you wish to have your travel schedule other than as described in our package, you will have to purchase the Dubai to Saudi & return air ticket on your own.

And no amount shall be discounted from the AED 28,000, because either you use the services included in the package or you do not use it, arrangements & payments are done for the group travel as a package.


Extra expenses:

This is a complete package & all your necessary expenses are included in this package.

Apart from this, you will not need to keep more than 1000 AED in your hand for any personal expenses.

Also, you will pay AED 420 for Qurbani ( Udhiyah ) while staying in Mina tent, this has to be given with your hand.

This AED 420 is not included in the package.


Important to remember – disclaimer.

This schedule is subject to change any time with or without notice & this schedule may not be the final one.

If there will be any changes in the schedule, it will be updated here on this page. There are chances of schedule change until 2 or 3 weeks before the Hajj dates.


For Haajees Only, to remember on the day when you start for Hajj from Dubai / Sharjah:

Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

May Allah give us the blessings to perform accepted Maqbool and mabroor Hajj and umrah and other religious ceremonies.

Few very important points that we need to take care of are:

Remove hair from the private parts of the body and keep your body pure and clean.

Keep nail fingers trimmed and keep them clean.

Take a nice shower in the niyyat of umrah.

Apply oil, soap and take a great shower.

For ladies there is no special dress, they have to make sure that their entire body is covered except the face and the palms of their hands.

For men, once you are in ihram, you are allowed to wear only the two pieces of your ihram dress.

Along with your ihram dress, you can wear a belt, watch, rings, chappals without strings etc.

Men cannot wear any underwear beneath the ihram dress.

From your house, you can come out in your normal dress after taking the shower.

If you want, you can also come out in your ihram dress.

For gents, the easiest way is to reach the airport, after getting the boarding pass, after finishing the immigration, there will be prayer room at airport and in the prayer room you can change your dress to ihram dress, there will be area to change dress, you can use the washroom to clean yourself once more, then make wudu and after that you can enter your ihram dress at the airport prayer room after the immigration.

At the prayer room in the airport, do 2 Rakat sunnah prayer.

Then spend your time in dhikr and duaa till flight departure.

And 30 minutes before reaching Meeqat, there will be an announcement on the flight.

The flying time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

We will be reaching Meeqat after 2 hours.

Meeqat will be 30 minutes before reaching Jeddah airport.

The announcement will happen in Arabic and English languages inside the flight.

Pay attention to the announcement.

When you hear this announcement, say labbaik Allahumma bi umratin.

Repeat it a few times

labbaik Allahumma bi umratan

Through saying this in your heart and with your tongue, you are entering Umrah.

That is how you enter umrah, either for men or for ladies.

In case you are worried that you may be sleeping on the flight at the time of entering Meeqat, you can make niyyat in your heart before also.

Under any circumstances, you must not cross Meeqat without making your intention, your niyyat.

After entering the ihram you start with the talbiyath

Labbaik! Allahumma Labbaik! Labbaika La Sharika Laka Labbaik! Innal-Hamda wan-ne’mata Laka wal-mulk La Sharika lak.

“Here I am at Your service O Allah, here I am. Here I am at Your service, You have no partner, here I am at Your service. For You alone is All Praise and All Grace, and for You alone is The Sovereignty. You have no partner.”

Keep on repeating this over and over, this is the golden chance to repeat this talbiyath as much as you can.

The chance to say your talbiyath is after you enter your ihram.

The next opportunity is during Eid.

You can also say your normal other dhikr and duaa, ladies say these prayers in a low voice which is not much audible outside.

The other thing to take care of is not to remove hair or nail after you have entered ihram. This is applicable for both ladies and gents.

Gents must not wear stitched clothes.

Ladies should not cover the face.

Everybody please make sure that you do the check-in at the airport together and not separately.

Because in case if there is any variation in the baggage weight, it will all be adjusted when you check-in together.

From outside Jeddah airport, all the original passports will be collected outside the airport.

You will be taken directly to your accommodation from the airport.

As soon as you reach there, you can go for umrah if you wish to do so ( recommended ).

As per the airlines’ baggage policy for Haajis, there should only be one checked-in baggage, which is 20 kg or 25 kg, only one piece is permitted as checked-in baggage.

And one hand baggage is permitted.

So please make sure that your baggage does not exceed one piece.

We wish you a blessed, accepted, happy, peaceful Hajj.

Price In UAE Dirhams :

Only 28,000 AED

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