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10 Winter Activities to Experience in Germany

1. Go on a Husky Sleigh Ride

It sure isn’t Siberia, where going on a husky sleigh ride can be a routine but that doesn’t make the experience less magical. Husky tours can be found in several parts of the country, including Rhön, Lower Saxony, the Black Forest, and the Harz Mountains.

2. Ice Skating in Many Cities Skating Rinks

Skating in many rinks across the country isn’t an experience to be enjoyed only by children. One of the most beautiful spots to ice skate is the palace canal of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, where visitors can also play ice-stick shooting and ice hockey.

3. Go on a Walk on Not so Warm but Beautiful Beaches

Germany isn’t a particularly warm country but that claim won’t deny its beauty. Go on a walk in the Baltic and North Seas, which are especially romantic during the winter season. Whether you are going there with a loved one or just to have some time for yourself, these beaches remain lovely.

4. Adventurers, You Will Most Certainly Like Going on a Scavenger Hunt

City tours sure are great and fun but going on a scavenger hunt is a different experience. Going on a scavenger hunt, which indicates searching the city thoroughly to tick off things from a list with random challenges. The scavenger hunt can include taking pictures of random streets and attractions, finding specific places or creating memories with the locals.

5. Give an Eskimo Kiss to Your Loved One in an Igloo

Igloos aren’t very common in Germany but they sure do exist. There are small igloo villages in Germany which are located up in the mountains and have spectacular views. Moreover, those often offer rich entertainment programmes, great views and an ice bar. In Allgäu, you can build your own igloo.

6. Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Allgäu also offers a lovely horse-drawn carriage for visitors where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the landscape while being wrapped in warm coverings.

7. Grab a Torchlight & Go Hiking

This might sound odd but it actually is a very fun activity, especially if you are visiting vineyards in the evening. Such excursions are offered in different regions across Germany such as Rheingau and Baden-Württemberg and one of the highlights is the view from uphill.

8. Visit a Tropical Garden or Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are a unique destination for visitors especially during winter when you can witness sights you don’t get to see every day. For example, the butterfly house in Frankfurt attracts visitors in the winter with over 60 species of butterflies.

Insects at the Botanical Gardens in Marburg or in the Butterfly House on Mainau Islands near Constance, as well as in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart.

9. Have a Glimpse of Royalty Life at Castles

The most charming part of visiting Germany during the snowy weather is visiting castles, especially Neuschwanstein Castle, in Bavaria. Other castles worth visiting include Moritzburg Castle near Dresden or Hohenzollern Castle in Baden-Württemberg.

In addition, there are fewer visitors to castles and palaces during the winter season, which means fewer crowds and a better experience.

10. Last but Not Least… Skiing

One of the most winter-related sports is skiing and Germany offers some of the best slopes. Whether you enjoy skis, snowboarding or racing down the slopes, you are always welcome in the Harz mountains, Feldberg in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse in Bavaria, or in Saxony on the Fichtelberg.

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